November 16: Assembling miniatures, dioramas and artwork for Primus, a track from the new Merciana album.

August 19: The new album Merciana in production to be mixed by Mick Glossop.

June 6: Granbretan now available for download from online retailers.

May 15: Limited edition numbered cassette now available at the Shop

April 13: Verdant Set performs a live set at Darrell's Tavern performing selected works from Granbretan and Please by The Bolshoi with Cathy Sorbo.

April 9: "This is music you can get lost in..." Gillian Gaar. Full review

April 3: REVIEW: "An excellent piece of mindfuckery that sounds astonishingly fresh. It might have been recorded in the '80s, but the ideas spark and flare at today's hyperspeed. Inventive, lush, and satisfying." Chris Nickson.

March 3: Granbretan Sampler avilable on Soundcloud.

March 1: Granbretan web page online.