Welcome to Verdant Set.

February 8: The Verdant Set Club is now open. Sign up here to get your free Members Only VIP pass.

February 1: verdantset.com has joined The Bolshoi Universe, an environment for people who like The Bolshoi to find out what its members are doing. The Like button links to an active Facebook Page with lots of Bolshoi goodness.

January 10: A bit of an update for the website. The front page used to be the Living Room image with hot spot links to various pages from The Hole, Fireplace, Plant Etc, but it wasn't obvious they were links, so instead the front page is also the News page. OK back to making music.

January 5: I added a Behringer DeepMind 12 synth to the studio. It's perfect for type of pads I like and compliments the Moog Sub 37 very well. I took a quick dip into the sub menus and ended up spending several hours in there. An extremely powerful instrument that's also very easy to use.


December 5: The fifth track for the Merciana album, Talag, is in the works and features Simon Hinkler of The Mission on 12-string and electric guitar.

We first met when he lived here in Seattle for a couple of years even though we both apparently attended several of the same parties back in the 80's and even performed at the same Reading Rock Festival's a couple of years in a row.

His contributions to the track have added a whole new dimension and I'm looking forward to hearing how it all turns out.

A music video is also in the works featuring the models I've been working on.

November 16: I finally finished Circumfria, the fourth song written for the Merciana album. It's the longest song so far coming in at just over 13 minutes.

I've been working on it, on and off, since 2015 and ended up sending a grand total of 112 tracks to Mick for mixing. He did a brilliant job mixing them all down to two but after several listens I decided some sections went on a bit, and also some new parts came to mind, so I sent the edits and new parts off to Mick and the end result was sent to Steve for mastering. I'm very pleased with the end result.

I'm also working on some plastic models that will be used in a music video.

August 19: The new album Merciana in production to be mixed by Mick Glossop.

June 6: Granbretan is now available for download from all the online retailers.

May 15: Limited edition numbered cassette now available at the Shop for $25 that includes shipping within the USA.

April 13: I performed a live set at Darrell's Tavern, the first time I've done anything like that in ages. Thanks to everybody who came out. The set included several tracks from the Granbretan album as well as a version of The Bolshoi's Please featuring Cathy Sorbo on vocals.

April 9: "This is music you can get lost in..." Gillian Gaar. Full review

April 3: REVIEW: "An excellent piece of mindfuckery that sounds astonishingly fresh. It might have been recorded in the '80s, but the ideas spark and flare at today's hyperspeed. Inventive, lush, and satisfying." Chris Nickson.

March 3: Granbretan Sampler available on Soundcloud.

Verdant Set is Seattle based electronic musician Paul Clark, former keyboard player with Surrealist Photography, The Bolshoi and Rorschach Test.



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